The King Cut Story

King Cut Barbershop is a premier barbershop that delivers a unique and convenient experience in men’s personal care services through purpose, quality, and technique.  Our team is dedicated to transforming the barbershop experience from a last-minute inconvenience to a convenient and enjoyable experience through a sociable and more relaxed atmosphere.

15 Years In Business

We have been in business for over a decade and have helped many men feel and look stylish.

Thousands of Clients Served

We have 50 thousand+ hours of styling and grooming experience to lean on.

200+ 5 Star Reviews

We take our craft  seriously.  We want you to leave our barbershop looking sharp and completely satisfied with the result.


The King Cut vision has always been to revolutionize the experience and atmosphere of what it means to be in a barbershop.

Embracing diversity and trust are essential components of the way we do business.

Value Principles

Our core value principles have always been based on providing a healthy and safe work environment by treating each other with respect and dignity, recognizing that excellent customer service in essential to our success.

And of course, applying the highest standards of excellence in skills and technique to deliver the best quality barbering services.

King Cut Barbershop Saskatoon East

Gorilla Emblem

Why the gorilla, you might ask?

Although powerful, the gorilla is humble.

It exudes regal behaviour, as a reminder for us to raise our heads. It does not represent prideful or boastful behaviour. Rather, a quiet honor and calm dignity, the gorilla symbolizes family.

Here at king Cut we strive to make you feel like the best you, to help you raise your head and recognize the nobility within you.

We Build Community

Alan Yousif King Cut Owner

The barbershop isn’t just a place to get a haircut or a shave. It’s the hub of a community - where people get together to connect, exchange ideas, hang and feel like themselves.

We created King Cut to do just that, provide you a high quality service and a unique atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else.

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