Remy tape in hair extensions

Remy tape in hair extensions

What is Remy tape in hair extensions all about? Well, tape in hair extensions is still a relatively new technology, as it is less than ten years old. Our tape in hair extensions use double-sided or single-sided tape. All of our tape in hair extensions are made with real hair. Thicken It tape in hair extensions are invisible to the naked eye and undetectable to the human hand.

How Do Tape in Extensions Stay in Your Hair?

When applying Remy tape in hair extensions, the hair should always be very clean to begin with. The extensions don’t allow for a lot of friction or movement when being applied. Also, if your hair is very oily, the extensions might not stay in quite as well. However, as long as you have fresh, clean hair, your tape in extensions will stick in perfectly.

Are there Different Sizes of Extensions?

Yes. When you purchase Remy tape in hair extensions from Thicken It, you will have several different sizes in the packages from 20-21-inches-long, and each extension will be 3-inches-wide. Our line of tape in hair extensions is a lot of fun, and we encourage you to check out our tape in hair extensions today if you haven’t already. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for demonstrations on how to apply your tape in extensions.

Buy Your Tape in Hair Extensions Tape and Accessories from Thicken It

Thicken It is a trusted brand that also sells hair extensions tape, which can be used to retape your extensions as needed. All of our hair extensions tapes are double-sided and medical grade, and since our tape is latex free, you never have to worry about having a reaction on your head. Order your tape online 24/7 from the convenience of your favorite computer or device. Each package of hair extensions tape comes in packages of fifteen.

Tape Remover Solvent

In addition to our hair extensions tape, Thicken It also offers our very own tape removal solvent to get your tape out. Simply spray the tape remover on both the top and bottom of your hair extensions. You’ll want to leave the solution in your hair for twenty minutes before you re-saturate with the remover. Next, massage the hair from the tape. You will be provided with complete instructions on how to remove your tape in hair extensions at the time of purchase.

Indeed, you may order removal solvent, re-application tapes, and clarifying shampoo in addition to your hair extensions from Thicken It.

Choose Your Favorite Colors

  • Off Black
  • Med Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Natural Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Warm Red
  • Blonde Bombshell
  • Mixed Blonde
  • Dark Mixed Blonde
  • Brownie Caramel
  • Brownie/Caramel Piano
  • Burgundy/Red
  • Red/Violet
  • Med Ash Blonde
  • Platinum White

Order your Remy tape in hair extensions today from Thicken It studios, and if you’re not completely satisfied with your order, we’ll provide you with a full refund any time within the first thirties day after purchase.

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Remy tape in hair extensions

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