LCN beauty supply

LCN beauty supply

Salon Supply Distribution is a unique beauty store because the founder has extensive education and knowledge in nails and feet care. She stocks her store with the best nail care tools to help salons give clients the best in the industry. One of these products is the LCN nail care brand. CJ has confidence in the brand’s quality and has stocked several products from the manufacturer.

What is the background and history of the LCN brand?

LCN began operating in 1985 under the initiation of the Wilde Family. The primary ingredient included dental resin, which underwent a transformation process to become useable for nails. The result became so successful that LCN grew into markets in the United States and Europe.

How does LCN work?

LCN resin is gel-like in feel and texture. It is pure and free of harmful additives that erode the nail’s surface. The lightness of the gel facilitates fast curing in comparison to other gel types. The final product is a light and flexible nail that also has an element of strength.

Why you should order LCN beauty supply for your salon

It is healthy

LCN has proven reduced allergies. The products do not contain any solvents, acids, and acetone. The allergic reactions from primers, acids, and monomers are not evident with the LCN beauty supply.

Fast curing

LCN products are light to apply and easy to cure. They are durable and have the same properties as the nail bed. The nail will turn to a yellowish color under the UV drying lamp or natural sun.

Adaptable solutions

The available curing products have options that cater to either brittle, weak, hard, or damaged nails.

Easy maintenance

Resin attaches to the nail bed to become one with the texture. One will only have to refill the resin after every three or five weeks. Clients can refill the resin for two years straight without removing the original layer.

High credibility

There are online reviews of celebrity clients who swear by the use of LCN products.


LCN manufacturers do not test on animals.

Tips on using LCN for nails

Taking good care of your LCN polish will guarantee you durability and saving money. Observers state that long nails will rarely break when you lift heavy objects. This case is because the products blend well with natural nails and add a layer of strength. The nails will look better as they grow due to the increased thickness.

How can you purchase genuine LCN beauty supply?

Sign up to CJ’s Centre for Beauty to receive your login credentials. Use the data to login into the official site. Navigate to the search bar and type in LCN. Purchase any item in the search result that suits your needs.

Alternatively, click the dropdown menu on Categories and navigate to LCN. Add to cart the desired items and check out when you fulfill the shopping needs.

CJ only stocks authentic products from the manufacturer. Nail techs will give clients the best service by using products from a certified beauty professional.

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LCN beauty supply

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